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When you book with us, please be sure to use this handy booking tool.   A face to face  meeting with you is required to set your event into motion. This meeting needs to be conducted no later than 30 days out. At this meeting we will discuss your vision for the event and get an understanding of your guests to make it happen!    At this time it is requested to place the retainer fee down should you decide to use us.  The retainer fee is not refundable .  Without the retainer fee, there is no show and the contract is null and void. The retainer fee is half of your overall quoted price.  Your retainer fee is used to gather the necessary supplies, equipment and special music to make your event a success.  The retainer fee is able to be paid either by check or online through our Paypal client. You do not need to have a Paypal account to use it.  The fee locks in your date and sets it in motion. At this time we do not "pencil in" dates without the retainer and are not able to take last minute bookings. We require not less than a month's notice to get your provisions into place.  We may accept "on the spot" bookings, however this payment must be made not later than 2 days out  and are paid online through Paypal or cash. All payments are made in advance.  Payments are not accepted the day of the event.  

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