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Does Your DJ Do All This? 

What Do You Get for DJ Services? 

Wedding Services Breakdown.....
Wedding Reception Services Breakdown (Estimated Time Allotted for Planning, Performance and Related Services)

Site Appointment: 0.5 to 1 Hour
Looking over your reception site together to discuss layout and sound support issues.
(This is only necessary for locations that are new to me.)

Each Appointment: 1 to 2 Hours
Our face-to-face planning sessions.
(This is where we begin planning your reception events in great detail, while offering a variety of ideas and suggestions for creating a truly unique and memorable wedding ceremony and reception.)

Final Appointment: 1 to 4 Hours
Our last face-to-face planning session.
(This is where we wrap up any final details for your reception, go over your music request list for open dancing and examine the feedback surveys about your wedding party members for creating your personalized grand entrance script.)
Can't make the appointment?  We can do it on  SKYPE!   Please call us first 540-846-3449



Music Research: 0.5 to 1 Hour 
Finding your special requests for the reception events and open dancing. 
(This includes tracking down any unique requests through various sources. All necessary music will be purchased at no additional cost.)

Creating Reception Itineraries: 2 Hours
Typing up custom-made ceremony and reception itineraries for your final approval.
(This includes faxing, mailing or e-mailing your final agendas ahead of time to your other involved vendors.)

Creating the Scripted Grand Entrance: 2 to 4 Hours
Typing up and rehearsing your custom-made grand entrance script.
(If desired, this can be delivered in advance for final approval on accuracy and appropriateness.)

 Custom Primary & Back-Up Play Lists: 0.5 to 1 Hour
Making primary and back up play lists for all music required for the special reception events.
(This includes Reception Events, Special Dances, and Dinner and Cocktail Hour music)

Set-Up at the Reception Location: 2 Hours Minimum
Setting up all necessary audio equipment, testing it and changing into my full tuxedo.
(This includes setting up and testing the main DJ sound system in the reception area, final announcement rehearsals and ready to play at least 1 hour prior to start of reception. Extra equipment or reception services will add to this time.) 

Performance at the Ceremony & Reception: 4 Hours
Performance of pre-recorded music, complete event direction services and master of ceremonies duties.
(This includes all music required for the entire reception, full event coordination behind the scenes of all the important details that need to be double-checked in order to ensure that the ceremony and reception flow smoothly and a professional spokesperson who will make of all the necessary announcements with the style and atmosphere that you want your guests to experience.)

Pre-Loading, Driving, Un-Loading & Tear Down of Equipment: 2 to 4 Hours

Total service hours provided for one Wedding Ceremony & Reception: 15 to 25 Hours


MIchael Burke Entertainment is a family oriented business. I make it a point to provide you with clean, decent fun music. 

My music library is vast, I specialize in many different genres of music including Country, Christian , Children’s, 1980’s , 1990's Y2k's, NC Shag and so much more! 


                 I Do!

Each Wedding Package Includes:

Computerized Planning Services 


  • Music, Entertainment and Master of Ceremony service up to 4 hours

  • Set up and ready to play at least 1 hour prior to start of your event

  • I perform only your event on your day

  • Your event is performed by the same DJ you plan with

  • Onsite backup equipment and music

  • Professional quality sound system

  • Travel to and from, set up and tear down

  • Music begins when first guest arrives

  • Coordination with all vendors

  • Detailed itineraries and copies for all vendors

  • All administrative tasks

  • Special music purchases

  • Appropriate attire


I Do Not "Burn" music or use music "burned" from Apple computers.  These types of disks do not work with my systems. Please discuss the music with me before hand. 


When Planning Your Event...
Some thoughts to ponder when planning your event , most planning worksheets may look something very similar to this graph :
















72% of all brides say they would have spent more time choosing their reception entertainment.

Almost 100% say they would have spent more of their budget on the entertainment.

During wedding planning, Brides say their highest priority is their attire, followed by the reception site and caterer - reception entertainment is among the least of their priorities. 

Within one week after their reception, 78% of Brides say they would have made the entertainment their highest priority!

When asked 81% of guests say the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment.

What they Remembered...











65% of all couples that chose a band to entertain at their wedding, said, if they had it to do over again, they would have chosen a disc jockey.

In Chosing A Disc Jockey....

This helpful graph will point you in the right direction so that you can plan your event carefully.     Not All DJ's are priced the same and you will get what you pay for.

$200-$500 = Low   $500-$800 = Average  $800- up = High
        What Is Your Party Worth to You? 




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